Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Today's the day....

We have our pregnancy tests today...I'm so nervous, scared,...bracing myself.. I opened my hotmail this morning to see that there were already two emails waiting for me in my inbox. Oh my god I'm thinking, they haven't done them early have they..? I'm not ready to hear the news yet, I haven't braced myself for the dreaded, umpteenth negative... No, thankfully neither were from SCI,I'm glad! Isn't that bizarre, not wanting to know after the lengths we've been through.. I reminded Marc this morning that today was the day, and he responded that he didn't want to know either. We think not knowing is better than the heart breaking news that it's still just the two of us. But as our wise client manager meg said to me, preparing for a negative doesn't make it any easier, so just expect a positive! Well, here's hoping.....please please please pray pray pray


  1. Not bizarre at all (re: not wanting to know), it is how I felt too on both attempts. It is funny how we manage isn't it, some moments we are like 'yes bring it on', the next - 'I don't want to look out from under the doona'.

    We crack me up !!

    Sending positive thought your way.

  2. am praying hard for you that you get a positive .x