Monday, 14 May 2012

Meet & Greet - Samoza!

As an introduction to us, here are photos of our fur kids.  They are also the inspiration for the blog title. ..The black one is called Sammy (11yo) and the brown one (naughty one, he is 2 yo) is called Oz...Samoza..?? They love the water, and I have no doubt they are going to be severly put out if any human kids do come along!

We have been on the IVF trail for the last 4 years, with I think 12 cycles, a couple of cycles with an egg donor, then we discovered Surrogacy through India.  When I first spoke about this option with my hubby M, there was a blank stare back at me and complete silence!  He has gotten used to the idea (I think) since January, (probably thinking bloody woman!), and we were on our to Delhi for our first cycle in May 2012.

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