Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Wave

A few waves this blog...firstly the work wave!  Wave of work that is...our industry (building) is ridiculous this time of year.  The older I get the more I dislike it (stronger words used in closed circles!) Its like the world is ending at Christmas and everything has to be finished before we break for the holidays.

We do get a lot of new jobs though that have to be rushed, so it all helps towards the twins nursery roll out!

Oh not forgetting we also got married in the last month :)  We had a fantastic day, just small with family, and very casual.  We had a great time.  Our twins even got a mention, so every one is eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Thanks so much for all the wishes and beautiful wedding cards guys!  Everyone has been really sweet

The resort wouldn't let us bring our furbabies so we had them put on the wedding cake!

Reading some blogs this morning of new arrivals has brought tears to my eyes, so Im hoping I can hold myself together when it finally happens for us.  Gosh it has felt the time has dragged on and on.  People saying the time is going so quickly....NO ITS NOT!  I guess we have waited 6 years, another couple of months (but with a positive outcome this time!!) should be bearable.

Plus it will give me time to finish off the last minute items for nursery and babies arrival and dont forget the three week stint overseas to collect them.

Im still struggling with the idea that we will finally have/be a family.  Its hard to believe that it's
almost our turn.  I guess the first few sleepless nights will sort that out for us.  Reading another great blog, they mention as their new baby grows every day, the pain they went through to have her diminishes just that little bit more.  Well said! Looking forward to that!

Our neighbors baby is a gentle reminder of what is in store for us. He has just started crying as I write... I hear him early in the morning and around 5 in the afternoon, he really puts it on!!  It will be a competition soon!  These are the neighbors when we first moved in, had a party or three every weekend, regular mid week sessions, lots of drinking, smoking, etc etc and had not one scrap of trouble it seems falling pregnant.  I saw her out the front of her house on our last failed IVF attempt,

very pregnant, and burst into tears!  My poor hubby...:)

Well, now the good stuff... the last wave, but not the least - THE BABY WAVE

xxxxpicture of baby scanxxxx

Merry Christmas to allxo