Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twin experience...

Hi all, we are on our first month wait for scan update, so I have been entertaining myself in baby stores. That is, up until the point that I get a headache and my eyes start glazing over in front of the sales brain, swirling with the number of decisions to be made about which product for what use and when to use,...then double it!

I have also started having fun with my answers to their questions of when I am due :)

But now is the time to call in the experts in blogland....HELP!

What did all you experienced parents use for transporting your little ones around whilst in Delhi, I need all the details! From sleeping arrangements, to Delhi taxis,through to the plane ride home...any information would be of assistance at the stage I am at!

Thanks guys and congratulations to all in the latest flurry of births and bfp's

Monday, 3 September 2012


We made it to 12 weeks! Gosh that was as painful as the 2 week wait til the pregnancy tests!

The last 2 weeks have contained really high days (with baby clothes purchases!) followed the very next day with a panic attack, thinking we will have to return all the purchases...

The week ended with a panicked call to Meg asking for "reassurance"! But then the following morning the beautiful pictures came through with a report that I didnt understand a word of..'the liquor is adequate.." A great big glass of scotch and soda was what immediately came to mind...lucky Dr Google doesnt enjoy the 'liquor' as much as me!

Check out our lovelies..
As we waited anxiously for news of our pregnancy I read in the Sydney Morning herald over the weekend, of a couple that went through SCI.

As they sat there holding their beautiful little girl who would not have been born without the help of surrogacy in India, they complained of hidden costs (did they not read the pages and pages of information setting out all costs?)

I thought to myself, have they not been through IVF in Australia, where in my experience, every time I walked into the IVF office, I was charged some other 'incidental' that was news to me. Where the only option they give is to do cycle after cycle after cycle and keep taking your money when they have no idea why these procedures are not working in completing your family.

I hope that this negative publicity does not effect future Indo-Australasian babies or what I have to go through to get my babies home.

And No – this isn’t how I wanted it to be either, but unfortunately this is my lot. I am not going to take out the frustration of my situation on others, who had nothing to do with my predicament.

I am not under the impression that pregnancy is going to run according to plan,yes there will be costs and 'events' I didnt budget (or prepare myself) for...I know that would have been the case even if I was able to become pregnant myself!

In my opinion, in India or Australia, this situation we are in is HORRIBLE but it does not excuse you from doing your due diligence...then praying and hoping.

Good luck in your own journeys