Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twin experience...

Hi all, we are on our first month wait for scan update, so I have been entertaining myself in baby stores. That is, up until the point that I get a headache and my eyes start glazing over in front of the sales brain, swirling with the number of decisions to be made about which product for what use and when to use,...then double it!

I have also started having fun with my answers to their questions of when I am due :)

But now is the time to call in the experts in blogland....HELP!

What did all you experienced parents use for transporting your little ones around whilst in Delhi, I need all the details! From sleeping arrangements, to Delhi taxis,through to the plane ride home...any information would be of assistance at the stage I am at!

Thanks guys and congratulations to all in the latest flurry of births and bfp's


  1. Shopping is always fun - especially for baby stuff!!! Have fun!!

  2. Hi, and Congrats on the twins.

    We used one Phil and Ted Cocoon and put both babies in there for the 1st 2 months. When we travelled home we asked for the seats where the cots are for infants and we go that. The Cocoon fits inside of that cot so it was perfect for flying home.

    I would also recommend getting ready to serve formula with bottle tops for travelling home.

    While in India we just slept in bed with our babies, no extra cots or play yards. During the day they either slept on us or in the Cocoon on the sofa in the same room with us.

    We used a Cuddly warp and an Ergo carrier, I could carry both babies in the cuddly wrap and both fit in the Ergo. When we were in the airport the Ergo was the easiest to get through security with because it just clips on and off.

    We never used car seats..... bad us..... I just had them in the Ergo against my body and that worked out for us. I know others who have brought car seats with them for their babies.

    I can not think of anything else, I am sure you will get more ideas from other IPs.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you great help! I'll be back with more questions soon!

  3. Hi and congratulations on having twins.
    We used the Phil and Ted cocoons for all our travel in Delhi, ... we carried the trippies in them when driving and also in th plane. They also slept in the cocoons while we stayed in Delhi... best purchase we ever made for that part of our journey. It was so easy to move them without waking them if we had to go we didn't bother with cots or car seats while there.

  4. We bought a graco pack n play at mom and me in mblock. It had a bassinet that both babies slept in comfortably. You will need to bring sheets from home. We brought two car seats from home for the car, the large travel bags allowed us to pack lots of extra stuff. We also brought two ergos with the infant inserts. Our babies weighed a bit less than the minimum weight for the ergo but they were just fine in there. I also agree with Alexandra on the ready made formula for the airplane. I also recommend Aden and Anais muslin blankets. They are light weight and amazing for newborns, especially in India.

    1. Thank you, have taken all that straight to google to check out,..

  5. Shopping is fun for twins!! Yippie!!!