Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wait for it....

Heartbeats!! Yes we have heart beats, plural i.e. in our surro mum 1; 110 & 114 bpm (at 5 weeks 5 days) How are those bpms blogland?  Is that fairly average?.. As I go down the very long list in my head of what can go wrong...No No No Positive positve positve thoughts, but not too positive,...you guys all know the drum.

On the very next email we received the news that SM 2 was a negative so hopefully all will go extremely well and very boring with our first SM for the next 7 months 3 weeks :).

And of course here is the picture us IP's have all been dying to post (and keep posting)..

I can relate to all those who have blogged before me when they say...I love them already...Talk to you all again in 2 weeks with more good news!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thank you

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Fwd:, a photo by Gcfami on Flickr.

IVF was such a lonely journey...who would have thought that we would have so much support and love through surrogacy in India! Thanks for all your words of encouragement guys

Friday, 13 July 2012

Back to back 2WW..really?

An update...we had arranged for two surrogates in our last transfer, however a last minute issue with one surrogate meant only one transfer....so at this point we started our 2WW with one surrogate..but the lovely Dr. swung into gear and quickly arranged another surrogate for us, and while we were on our 2WW we had another surrogate being prepped for a transfer. This second transfer successfully occurred yesterday.

So how did we go with surrogate no. 1? Well, we have a beta of 129.49. I have been going through all of your old posts trying to find someone that has a baby on the way that had a beta of that value but to no avail! Seems a bit low..

This has turned into a step by step recipe for success and at this stage the only emotion that has entered the equation is hope...

Step 1 - choose donor...check

Step 2 - wait for prep and pick up, get egg pick up results...check

Step 3 - choose surrogates ...check

This is boring for all you IPs as I know, you know these steps (unfortunately) SO WELL!

Jumping to....Step 6 - pregnancy test positive?...check

Now the wait for step 7 the scan and of course following that the remaining 8 steps to a successful birth!

However I am still only on step 6 for surrogate no. 2

Congratulations to all those on steps 6 to 14! It's very reassurring for us ips on 1 to 5, to see someone half way or almost to the top of that mountain (gosh the metaphors this morning!)

Have a great week all