Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thank you

Fwd: by Gcfami
Fwd:, a photo by Gcfami on Flickr.

IVF was such a lonely journey...who would have thought that we would have so much support and love through surrogacy in India! Thanks for all your words of encouragement guys


  1. Oh I love seeing those gorgeous faces! Miss you loads! And yes, we will be here to support you for the long haul. Hugs from India! xo

  2. Your words are so true! IVF was very lonely and clinical and frustrating. This blog family is fabulous and I love the hope and joy that is inspired through everyone's stories about their own experience. Hang in there during this 2ww period and the rollercoaster ride of surrogacy.

  3. Too true, the surrogacy crowd are such a warm bunch of people!
    This is a beautiful photo, lets say that sunshine is beaming a load of baby dust down on you both : )