Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 weeks and all's well...

Phew...a little...for another 2 weeks. This is really nerve racking. When does anyone that had to go through this to have a family ever start to relax and enjoy?

"Baby can now make small un-coordinated movements. Fingers toes and joints are now fully developed and your baby even has fingernails and hair! The nervous system is starting to develop along with the large muscles and the digestive system"

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rolled over..

... to check the time, (5.20 Sunday morning, just practicing!) and there's an email there from the lovely Neha...god should I open's early, that is the email is was due Tuesday morning to my calculations... Maybe not.  ANYWAY

Two heartbeats still there, 144 and 150bpm.  I, of course have googled and 150 is "normal" LOVE NORMAL..and everything is "fine" nothing to worry about Neha tells me in the email (they don't know ME!)  They are now called a fetus which means little one....eyes, nose have started to form and the chin...embryonic tail has gone ...

We have taken another breath and will now continue to hold that waiting for the next 2 week scan.

Good luck and thoughts going out to all in the various stages of this bizarre and amazing process