Monday, 22 October 2012

Surprise scan..

I wasn't even fretting about it, but our 3D scan come through over the weekend. It was great not worrying about it before the event occurred!

We have been really busy organising our wedding though, so that has probably taken the edge of the whole baby thing lately.

M and I got engaged YEARS ago, we thought we would get the family thing rocking along then get hitched. However, the family thing did not cooperate with us at all!! So the wedding got pushed back and pushed back again so that yet another IVF cycle could be paid for.

Well good bye IVF (I dont miss you at all!) and hello they are, asleep (i hope a sign of times to come ;)

They are both on the small side according to Dr Google but I am trying not to start hyperventalating about that just yet. See how we go with the scans, due in another month.

Hang in there babies, we are waiting for you!

I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up with all your blogs. I have a confession...I read a few bad news ones and it started freaking me out.

Im really sorry for the bad news guys (and my lack of support), I hope that good times are just ahead for you. Please know that some of us are not the most eloquent and dont think that our words can help with such horrible pain.

Take care everyone

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

16 week scan pics

If my computer skills do not let me down...

Good grief...

This waiting for scans is brutal! Hubby insists he has had a view of how I would have been had I actually been able to get pregnant...,with my extreme mood swings as we await news of our little ones.

I only notice buying anything to do with babies one day followed the very next day with extreme regret, why did I buy that, what if something horrible happens....followed the day after those negative feelings with,... just enjoy it, be positive nothing will go wrong...god give me strength, it has definitely been stretched (understatement) over the last couple of years.

At 16 weeks we have cots, drawers, some linen and baby clothes coming out of our ears! But it's sooooo cute! Imagine us buying baby clothes for our own babies...

Anyway without further delay, scans are all ok. Our lovely surrogate is doing a fantastic job!!!

Pictures attached and ...3d ones next scan in a month yay!,!

Oops had trouble posting the scans results...