Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good grief...

This waiting for scans is brutal! Hubby insists he has had a view of how I would have been had I actually been able to get pregnant...,with my extreme mood swings as we await news of our little ones.

I only notice buying anything to do with babies one day followed the very next day with extreme regret, why did I buy that, what if something horrible happens....followed the day after those negative feelings with,... just enjoy it, be positive nothing will go wrong...god give me strength, it has definitely been stretched (understatement) over the last couple of years.

At 16 weeks we have cots, drawers, some linen and baby clothes coming out of our ears! But it's sooooo cute! Imagine us buying baby clothes for our own babies...

Anyway without further delay, scans are all ok. Our lovely surrogate is doing a fantastic job!!!

Pictures attached and ...3d ones next scan in a month yay!,!

Oops had trouble posting the scans results...


  1. Hooray scans! The wait in-between is brutal! Can't wait to see your 3d scans - and have fun shopping :-)

  2. Horrrah yay, enjoy shopping, its your turn!! X

  3. You are no different than any other Mother out there worrying about pregnancy. Hang in there! It will all be ok! scans look good!