Tuesday, 29 May 2012


That was me coming down to earth. We got the email early this morning telling us that our second surrogate mums' hormone levels had dropped away to nothing, meaning she had a chemical pregnancy. All of the problems that most normal people wouldn't have a clue about started coming back to me from our ivf treatments. I.e. the problems with DH sperm. What if this pregnancy does not continue either, what if they are not healthy, we don't have any frozen embryos so oh god we have to start again, maybe it will never work, aaarrrggghh! I've started with the prays again (he knows me quite well)...please please please be ok. We have scans on the 29th so will hold my breath til then.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Ms India 2, wish there were big fluffy cushions scattered around at times like these to soften the blow.
    Vent, vent and vent some more.
    Warmest wishes for your next scans.

  2. Sorry to hear about surro mum 2. We will be praying for you and surro mum 1. We have everything crossed...hang in there!