Sunday, 24 February 2013

We are outa here!

It's been ground hog day in our room at svelte! Our life has been broken down into beautiful 3 to 4 hour blocks...feeding, burping, changing nappies, putting to bed, cleaning up the storm that the unit turned into during last events, getting ready for it all again in a few hours.
The night feeds are now done on remote control..we have it set up so that not much thought has to go into the event.
I'm really looking forward to getting home and getting the boys into a routine and being able to utilise all the baby mod cons we have waiting for them a sterilising machine rather than steam bags just for starters!
Hudson has this eating thing down pat, Kurt is slowly getting used to it, it's actually quite a bit of work (nice work) making sure that he has had enough food every feed.

We lived through the getting out process! Just the flights left to go...we saw Poonam on the 11th feb and contracted her same day, we had all travel documents to leave by the 22nd, so 10 working days, not bad eh? The worst of the lot was the FRRO process. That was ugly, and not good with two new borns! How did you parents with triplets do it?

We met our beautiful surrogate which I will always remember, and said our good byes to all the girls at SCI. It's taken us two days to get all our gear together in our home away from home but we are SO ready to go home.

Good luck to all yet to get to this stage, the experience has definitely been worth it!


Don't make me go to the FRRO!

Bring lots of bibs & little face washers!


  1. Great pics of the boys. Safe trip, and best wishes!

  2. Handsome little boys - Have a safe trip home!

  3. That's wonderful news....congrats you beautiful little family :)