Friday, 15 February 2013


We have only been in Delhi for..wait for it, just had to count off my fingers, then had to look up what day it was...yes Friday 5 days, is that all?
We have our most gorgeous little master Hudson, who has us just about under his control in his routine, today we pick up Kurt little master no 2. I have been holding my breath for Kurt, as he was so little, his feeding tube came out yesterday after the family trip to the doctor for the DNA tests. Aussies this is blood test not swab, so you can feed the babies before you go!
I have to say that ours was not a breeze thanks John for rubbing it in ;), due to some miscommunications it was horrific to say the least, but all done now and word is the samples have arrived back in Australia.
Poonam assistance has been great, if you only use her services to stay out of the Delhi traffic it is worth every penny!!!
The team at SCI have been very efficient, none of it could happen without Rahul and his team who will do all the driving as well as organise laundry, sim cards, money change you name it, and I do not have any complaints about svelte. Ps all you Ips on the way over, try and get a room on the mall side of the building to avoid the traffic noise and bring garbage bags...weird eh?

Now I have been having trouble with phones, cameras and Internet, so only one photo but more to follow soon now that we are's Hudson having a quick sponge bath, screamed the hotel down in the bath, so will stick to these for.a while.

And ps all you Ips considering this process....all the dramas, anxieties, sleepless nights, is soooo worth it!


  1. Awww soo gorgeous! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey...Come home safe!

  2. Wow you've packed in a lot for 5days! We've been here a month now and have a few more months to go so be grateful you're not British - you probably are already ! Hudson looks great so adorable, hope Kurt settles in well. Very exciting times for you four :-) love me x

  3. Your little man looks so content! So glad to hear you will have both of your little guys with you now.

  4. Great to see Hudson. Hope to see Kurt soon. Hope they get their Oz passports soon. Looking forward to your next update. Cheers!

  5. They had to draw blood for your DNA tests? UGH - the poor little things! I wonder if that's an Australian requirement or just the specific lab. :-(

    Hudson is so cute! And we're glad to hear Kurt is coming "home" today - enjoy!!!

  6. So happys he is doing so well, but I still feel the Svelte SUCKS as they still owe me 3 nights and have yet to call or e-mail me back after 3 weeks so i have other feelings for them. But the most important thing is babies are good and healthy thats awesome