Sunday, 31 March 2013

It's pitch black and you hear a baby cry (or maybe two at the same time if you are lucky)...what time is it you think to yourself.. I feel like I've been asleep for 10 hours..god I hope the baby hasn't been crying for that roll out of bed, your shoulder hits the wall as you try to get your balance you feel kind of sick and dizzy at the same time...the baby's cry is starting to get louder and more distressed, I'm coming sweet you yell run your hand along the table trying to find your phone or watch to get the time, things crash to the floor...gosh it's 3 am, I've only been asleep for an hour.

You change the nappy on auto pilot, make his bottle up (its 10 steps to the kitchen with your eyes closed), put it in his mouth then you experience those micro sleeps that people talk about when they are jerk yourself awake, thereby jerking the baby while he is trying to feed...WAKE UP! you tell yourself...5 minutes later you feel yourself drifting off to sleep again with baby in your think to yourself you'd better wake yourself up as the second baby starts crying for his bottle...OMG I never knew you could be this tired..

Then you look down into the little ones face and he's looking straight back at you, I'm awake now gorgeous I'm awake!

Little Kurt had to have an operation to fix two hernias he had in his groin, but that didnt stop his growth spurt. He is a little tiger! And there is no stopping Hudson either. They are just perfect!

                                   Are you freaking kidding me?  Nice outfit Joann? xo

                                                            Love that mobile Mum!

                                                    Kurt (he has a little conjunctivitis)

                            Heres Hudson, which reminds mummy she needs better photos of just Hudson!


  1. LOL - that sounds eerily familiar!!! :-)

    Great pics!

  2. Oh my and we thought our little Adi was a handful, you're doing wonderfully!! Happy Easter to you all x.x.x

  3. We are currently experiencing the same things as you right now! Haha... One of our twins (boy) is a bit demanding, and luckily the other (girl) is not. Cute pics of your twins. Cheers!

  4. oh... I remember that so well... where you are so tired that you can nod off in the middle of feeds. It gets easier :-) Hope you can catch up on some sleep. Bubs are beautiful.