Friday, 8 June 2012

Scraping it together...cycle 2

That's definitely the difference in this cycle compared to cycle one...cycle one was exciting and new. This could be the answer we thought, this could be the answer to us ending our current life of endless ivf cycles, endlessly waiting to complete our family...endlessly endlessly waiting waiting.... With the failure of cycle one, came that feeling... Here we go again. We are still on that endless infertility cycle. (I know I'm talking to the right crowd about this). This cycle, cycle 2, we are scraping it all together. The money, and our courage. Can we really go through the disappointment again? Well, I couldn't stand it, I had to start organizing another cycle. M has serious concerns, and is still not ready to go on, but I can't wait. We have been doing this for too long now to give up... So, brace yourself, and hang on cause here we go again.. Money transferred today, mid June our lovely donor starts on those emotion bending drugs (good luck I know how you are feeling!) for an end of June egg pick up. Strap yourselves in, cause we have/are. Wish us luck


  1. Best wishes on your second attempt!!! I know I always kept looking towards the next cycle after all of our disappointments. Sometimes it is this that keeps us going!!! Best wishes K&J

  2. Best of luck for your upcoming cycle. Will be stalking your blog to hear your news