Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tough week? Not so tough after all...

I have been getting into trouble for not blogging...sorry about that.  Bit been going on...

I had all my beautiful friends and family over for a baby shower last Saturday. One special one missing was my little sister who lives too far away, but is saving to see us when babies arrive  My luck it must have been the hottest day of the year, I lost what I was drinking in champagne in sweat!  We received some beautiful thoughts and gifts and it was touching how genuinely excited and happy my nearest and dearest are for us.  As you guys know, as Ips who have been through the infertility ringer, it's hard to sit back and relax and truly believe this is all happening, so for our closest to acknowledge the extension of our family was a big thing for us!

But after a few champagnes on Saturday, Saturday night we received email from SCI, and I worked out why mums don't drink to much (it's in case they have to deal with a kiddy drama!). The email told us that our lovely sm was having contractions and stomach pain and she was admitted to hospital.

O oh, that's too early! Too early! We were 32 weeks at that stage, we had received a scan that morning and I had read (sometimes you don't need all that info from dr google) that scans have been heard to bring on labor.  No update on Sunday as SCI closed so next one was Monday night for us, babies going well but sm still in pain.  Scans for babies again on Tuesday, Tuesday night we received them and showed that babies have started powering on the weight.  We have had no further scans but have had daily updates with much the same information.  So babies sounds like they are having a great time in there and giving our poor sm trouble.  I hope that's not a sign of things to come!

So I haven't been the easiest person to live with the last week(again)  I have tried to relax about the situation, sent some crazy emails to margarida and meg as well as SCI, called my 'BFF' a few times to 'unload' and following advice started putting my energy into positive instead of negative.  Packing has started which brought on another mild reaction, as I thought I was well and truly organised....not
organised!  So that has kept me busy getting organised!

Reading blogs during the week has really brought it home as well as other ips I have been following are all getting ready for their impending births, so why wouldn't I be as well at this time?  I think it's been hard to imagine that after all this time it's actually happening!

We will not have another update until early next week as its a holiday in India as well (australia day holiday for us!) so will post if I have more information.

Congratulations to all those with beautiful babies in arms this week, and good luck to all those preparing and on their way to India.  Special good luck and thoughts to those that had an especially hard week gone, who after reading their blog put mine into perspective. Xo

fur babies after hard day with kids at baby shower

Cute caterpillars eh?
Baby seats in mummy mobile..check


  1. Little ones are giving you the worries even before they get here! They are just impatient to meet their mummy and daddy - they need to wait just a little bit longer! Car seats are putting into perspective how, in a month, we will be picking up our kiddies!

    1. Thanks Joann, sm is out of hospital so maybe we will be neighbours after all! Xo

  2. Well done! You are very close to the next chapter of your lives. Exciting times for you. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you for your wishes, how are you guys going?

  3. ahh sounds like you had a beautiful baby shower, hope your little ones stay put until you guys arrive, wishing you the very best for next few weeks

  4. Thank you these last weeks are brutal!

  5. Hope that they have settled down and don't rush out like ours did... enjoy the sleeps as much as you can now!
    So exciting that you will soon have your little ones:)