Sunday 14 July 2013

Sorry for being a bad blogger...

However the last 5 months have been a wonderful blur!
We are all sleeping through the night now, (mostly) we have started the boys on some solids, and hopefully sitting will be mastered very shortly!  But onto the photos...


  1. Great pictures of the boys. It looks like we in Delhi right around the time they were born but our path didn't cross. We left Delhi on Feb 11th, and now our surrogate is about 24 weeks pregnant with twins. Best wishes xoxo

  2. Honest diapers are fantastic - the only ones we've tried that do not leak. They absorb everything and quite frankly, I hate changing crib sheets so these are definitely worth the money. Plus, they don't promote diaper rash as easily as the cheaper diapers do.
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  3. Love the pictures!!! They are so cute! Can you believe it is five months - it seems like just yesterday we were getting the call to come and get the boys.